Friday, July 24, 2009

An update from Priyanka

"We started back up on lessons again today. Basically reviewed Paint and especially focused on using the mouse and getting used the concept of 'dragging' and selecting and selecting things. Standard 5 is definitely on different page and level as 4 and it is very visible. Students in 5 are able to grasp information and concepts a lot more quickly.

For the closing day ceremony, which is scheduled for Aug 5th we've selected 4 students from STD4 and 4 from STD5 to create a song with the XOs for the Stay Alive skit. We taught them how to use Tam Tam Jam and Edit today after school and we are planning on meeting them everyday after school so they can continue to practice. They grasped it pretty quickly and like it.

Tomorrow, we are having Anita teach Scratch n class tomorrow. It'll be the first lesson of Scratch. And Bryan will be taping it. We wanted to see how she will be teaching and get her used to it and have her show more interest and participation.

There are definitely challenges with the power situation ..because of limited power and charging time we have limited XO use time in the classroom which hinders their lessons and forces us to review materials constantly instead of starting a new program. We'll have to wait it out and see how things change once we have consistent power. Because I really think the students need more time on the XO to explore and play on their own to understand the activities."